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Force a display to RGB under Mac OS X

You may have already noticed that (Mac) OS X tends to recognize external screens as TVs, especially when they are plugged in HDMI. This is not a real problem, but the image is damaged on some screens, cause they are using YCbCr instead of RGB, more effective. Fortunately, there is a solution.
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Flashing a MacBook Pro EFI manually

You may remember that I own a prototype 2011 MacBook Pro in my collection. The machine uses a beta version of a ROM and I thought this ROM would prevent from starting a recent OS (beyond Snow Leopard). So I looked for a way to flash the ROM with a newer version.
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This Power Mac G5 is (almost) a Xbox 360

I talked about it several times, the first development kit for the Xbox 360 was a Power Mac G5, and Microsoft has even used some during a E3, hidden from the view of the players. And I managed to find one of these Power Mac G5 (thank you Olivier).
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A NVIDIA Maxwell card with Thunderbolt on a Mac running Yosemite

If you read the reviews, you saw that it is possible to use the latest generation of NVIDIA cards with a Mac running under Yosemite. The operation is pretty close to what I presented, but Yosemite and the latest NVIDIA cards require some adjustments.
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Atari, Spectre GCR and Macintosh

Did you know that not-so-long ago, it was possible to turn an Atari ST into a Macintosh? With the help of a fellow fan of Atari (Brume on the Atari-Forum), we restarted a Spectre GCR.
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How I connected the PowerBop to the Internet

If you follow me on Twitter, you saw that I (finally) got a PowerBop and even connected it to the Internet. What is a Powerbop ? A computer proposed by Apple and France Telecom in the 90’s : I talked about it here, it was a device that could connect to the France Telecom BiBop network.
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[Prototype] 13 inches 2011 MacBook Pro

Today, a rarity : a 13 inches 2011 MacBook Pro prototype. This is a model with a red motherboard (typical of a prototype), very close to the trade model, but with some differences .
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Connecting to the net at 300 bauds with an acoustic modem

Few days ago, I saw the movie Wargames. And a little later , I saw a presentation introducing a guy who logged on with an acoustic modem dated from the ‘60s. If I did not find a modem that old, I still finally found an acoustic model that dates from the early ’80s.
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VLC and Blu-ray on Mac : the results (and Java menus)

I have been testing the reading of Blu-ray on Mac via VLC since 2 years now. In February 2012, I could read a test Blu-ray, unprotected, with a beta version of VLC 2.0. Today, in March 2014, a significant part of my Blu-ray works, some with the menus, and the work done is really important. I take this opportunity to make a small report.
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Connect a Palm V to the Internet with a Mac

A few months ago, I found a fun page on the site Hack A Day : a contest offering to try to go visit a simple page with an old device. An old device is an item that was released before the advent of the Internet for the public, so basically that came out in the 90s or earlier. A 1998 iMac that has a modem and an Ethernet connector is way too easy. So I found another old Palm to try… and I succeeded.
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