Several prototypes showcased in an exhibition

At Portland’s Design Week, Jim Abeles, an Apple prototype specialist, is showcasing a part of his collection. This provides an opportunity to explore some interesting models, including an iPad with two dock connectors. More information available here, here, and here.

Un iMac G3 avec un écran en plastique

An iMac G3 with a plastic display.

Un iPad avec deux connecteurs dock (il date de 2009)

An iPad with two dock connectors (dating back to 2009).

Un iPad mini 4 Go

A 4GB iPad mini.

Un iPod touch 4G 64 Go sans marquage

An unbranded 64GB iPod touch 4th Gen.

Un Macintosh Portable transparent

A transparent Macintosh Portable.

Un prototype de Mac LC vertical (en mousse)

A vertical foam prototype of the Mac LC.

Un PowerBook 1x0 avec clavier et trackball blancs

A PowerBook 1×0 with white keyboard and trackball.

Un prototype de PowerBook 3400

A prototype of the PowerBook 3400.

Un Macintosh SE transparent

A transparent Macintosh SE.

Un des rares Newton transparent

One of the rare transparent Newtons.

Un Newton Siemens

A Newton Siemens.