A (fake) iPhone prototype

Apparently, a guy has found a lucrative niche on eBay: selling iPhones with tampered software. He sells regular iPhones (the serial number allows verification here) with manually installed tampered software.

I am quite categorical for several reasons. First, I know it’s possible (I talked about it here) because I’ve done it. Second, many people have obviously asked me how to do it very precisely, and presumably not for the love of the game. Moreover, the screenshots of the circulating alpha version are quite recognizable, and—above all—the seller recently offered another « prototype » iPhone. The photos were taken on the same background, a few minutes apart, and in both cases with iPhones released well after the launch (which partially rules out the possibility that these are prototypes).

Honestly, if you’re looking for a first-generation iPhone prototype, be cautious: it’s quite easy to counterfeit them.


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