A prototype of an Apple DuoDisk 3.5

Seen on eBay, a prototype offered at an outrageously high price (€1,800): a 3.5-inch DuoDisk.

As the name suggests, it’s a double floppy disk drive, similar to the DuoDisk for the Apple II. Back in the early days of Macintosh, hard drives were very expensive, and having multiple floppy disk drives could be beneficial.

The Drive

The case of this drive is interesting: the seller indicates that they use it on a Macintosh SE, which implies that it’s not an evolution of the UniDisk 3.5. Indeed, the original UniDisk (in Snow White version, A2M2053) only works with Apple II. So, it appears to be a « double » version of the Apple 3.5″ Drive (A9M0106, compatible with Macintosh). In any case, it’s a drive that only accepts single and double density disks (400 KB and 800 KB).