A prototype of an Apple Set Top Box in a video

I have talked quite a few times about the Apple TV from the nineties, but this time, I stumbled upon a prototype of this product that was never released. By the way, if you have any idea how to find a unit, I’m interested (I know that Plein Câble, in Issy-les-Moulineaux, tested it).

But let’s get back to the point. The box shown in the video (it’s at the end of the article) really looks like one of the early models. It is based on a motherboard from the LC 475 (a machine based on the 68LC040) with a reversed PDS port (it points downwards from the board) that connects to a larger card. The second card contains the video inputs/outputs (notably SCART), an MPEG1 decompression chip, and an RJ45 socket. It’s not Ethernet (unlike the final version).

The box

With the Macintosh motherboard

Without the motherboard

The reversed PDS port

The power supply connects to the first card and then must power the Mac motherboard… but it doesn’t work. Apparently, the intermediate box has an issue preventing it from booting.