A colorful prototype of the Apple Pro Keyboard

In 2000, the Apple Pro Keyboard was only offered in a single color by Apple, featuring a transparent casing with black keys. However, the company had a priori decided to initially match it with the colors of the iMac.

A few years ago, I showcased a green version here, and there’s currently a blue variant on eBay. I can’t quite decide if it’s « blueberry » or « bondi blue »… It’s already quite expensive at the time of writing, by the way.

Le clavier


Attention, it’s important not to confuse this model (the M7803, Apple Pro Keyboard) with that of the iMac (M2452, Apple USB Keyboard). The most visible difference comes from the presence of an arrow block on the Pro Keyboard. Apple did indeed release the Pro Keyboard in another color a few years later: white, with the iMac G4.