Mac NC: The first Mac in the cloud

A few years ago, before the launch of the iMac, Apple and Oracle planned to introduce the Mac NC, a Mac compatible with the « Network Computer » concept, an initiative by Oracle. A Network Computer, simplifying it, was a thin client—an device with minimal memory, little (sometimes none) internal storage, and only an Internet connection as its interface. In essence, it was a precursor to the concept of cloud computing.

In the nineties, it was evidently a failure due to the speed of internet connections at the time (even in 2012, working in the cloud was not without its challenges).

The Mac NC, anticipated in 1997, was expected to cost around $1,000 and feature a 266 MHz G3 processor, a 17-inch (cathode-ray tube) display, and an optional hard drive for approximately $100. While the project did not materialize (the machine was never released), the Mac NC still bears a striking resemblance to the first iMac, launched in 1998.