Hail Satan hidden within the music of a CD

From time to time, you may hear, « Wait, there are messages about Satan in this music. » And what if it were true? In my searches for CDs with strange stuff, I came across an example of this kind.

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On the CD Everybody Loves Urusei Yatsura by the Scottish band Urusei Yatsura, track 10 contains about 15 seconds of computer data. Listening to it, it sounds a bit like a modem noise, but it’s data for an old computer from the 80s: the ZX Spectrum. Data recovery remains quite simple: once the track is encoded in a lossless codec, just cut out the part that contains the data and save it.

The CD

The code, at the beginning of the track

To test it, I simply used Fuse, a ZX Spectrum emulator for macOS. It has the advantage of directly reading the .wav file created by Audacity. And upon opening, we are greeted with a red screen filling up and the message « Hail Satan ». I’ll put the file online (quickly cut).

The message

If you decide to look at the application code, you’ll also find some hidden lines.

The hidden data

Hi Nick,is Robin there?
Judas Priest Satanic Message No.3
What is sadder? a. Finding this b. Writing it