A prototype of an external Apple SuperDrive… in 2003

On eBay, from time to time, we see interesting prototypes, like this external SuperDrive (in FireWire) dating back to 2003. The asking price seems quite high ($2,500).

The design and markings leave little doubt about the authenticity of the product, especially with the MediMac stickers, etc. It dates back to 2003, the heyday of Power Mac G5 and aluminum PowerBook G4. The more pressing question is whether the product was really supposed to be released. At that time, all Macs obviously had an optical drive, and a device like this would have had only one purpose: to add the ability to burn DVDs to a Mac without one (for example, some PowerBooks). It is powered by FireWire 400 (only) and integrates a Pioneer mechanism (a classic for Apple at that time). In any case, it never came out; the first external SuperDrive from Apple dates back to 2008, along with the first laptop without an optical drive, the MacBook Air.

FireWire only

Complete marking