A smooth Macintosh SE prototype

On eBay, someone is selling a rather unique Macintosh SE: it has a smooth casing, meaning it lacks any roughness. On most Macs, Apple applied an effect, a sort of grainy texture that you can easily feel. But on this model, the front face hasn’t received this effect.

The collector explains the presence of this polished, shiny surface very well: when the factory was making the molds, the first examples were used for testing, and the texture was only applied once the mold was validated. I’m not 100% sure about the explanation, but it seems plausible, and this isn’t the first Mac of this type that I’ve seen come up for sale. As for the rest, the Mac was used in Apple’s Irish factory and was manufactured in November 1986, several months before the release of the Macintosh SE.

The difference in color and texture is clearly visible

It’s shiny

It’s shiny

The date: 1986

Used in an Apple factory

As for the price, it’s listed for €800, and there are quite a few photos available.