The Apple Watch chargers for Apple Stores

I was talking about the Apple Watch stand last week, but browsing through the FCC website also reveals some more surprising stuff. Like the chargers for Apple Watch used in Apple Stores.

Apple, like everyone else, has to get some products validated by the FCC, even if they are only used internally in Apple Stores (and perhaps by authorized resellers). And the induction-based Apple Watch chargers are no exception. Apple has several of them: just in 2016, the brand got five Apple Watch chargers certified, three of which are only found in Apple Stores.

Let’s start with the A1626 and the A1667. The first one is a stand including a loop and an Apple Watch charger. The watch fits around the loop, and the whole thing is fixed to tables in Apple Stores. The second one is a charger coupled with a system that locks the USB port to prevent theft, nothing too groundbreaking.

The A1626 in action

The A1626

The A1626

The A1667

The third one is more interesting: it allows charging multiple watches. The A1668 was seen during the presentation of the Apple Watch. It’s a huge box that stores 10 watches with 10 chargers. It recharges via MagSafe 2, and internally, it includes 10 A1667 chargers connected to a card with 10 USB ports. Apple uses (used?) this box to showcase the watches.

The product during the 2015 presentation

Each slot has its charger

Internally, multiple chargers

The card with 10 USB ports

Proper organization is necessary