The Apple iBeacon… exclusive to Apple

I continue with FCC-approved stuff but for internal use at Apple. This week, the iBeacon station A1573. It’s not unfamiliar: Apple has been using it for several years in Apple Stores with its Apple Store app to locate people in stores.

Attention, iBeacons don’t actually locate: their position is fixed and known, and applications know the position in advance. They serve more as triggers when someone enters a zone, and it would be a perfect addition to HomeKit…

The product itself is rather simple: it’s a kind of compact white puck, equipped with a battery and a Micro USB port for charging (a rather unusual choice for Apple). The station has an LED and a button that allows you to turn it on, off, or program it. You can even find the manual on the FCC’s page.

The station

Micro USB for charging

From what I’ve been able to find, the stations are used in Apple Stores. I’ve never seen them come up on eBay.