The PowerBook 3500c from Apple, which later became the G3

On the excellent blog Aventure Apple, we recently saw a PowerBook 3500c. If you’re not familiar with this name, that’s understandable: it was released under the name PowerBook G3 in 1997.

This somewhat hybrid model was only sold for a few months: it borrowed the design and motherboard of the PowerBook 3400c with some modifications (faster bus, more RAM) along with a significant change: the PowerPC 603ev CPU had been replaced by a PowerPC 750, aka G3. This machine has the distinction of being the only Mac with a G3 and incompatible with Mac OS X natively. At Aventure Apple, they found images of this PowerBook 3500c on an Apple CD intended for marketing: part of the documentation refers to PowerBook G3 (the commercial name) but another part, such as file names, still indicates PowerBook 3500c.

In one of the images (I don’t have this CD in my collection, the image comes from them), we indeed see the marking PowerBook 3500c and not PowerBook G3. Incidentally, a Polish website sells posters with this PowerBook 3500c (with the same wallpaper) and the image of the PowerBook G3 at Every Mac likely comes from the same source.

The Aventure Apple image

The poster