A 20th Anniversary Mac prototype

Recently, on eBay, someone tried to sell a 20th Anniversary Mac prototype. This model has a particular feature: transparent accessories.

The person was trying to sell it for $2,000, but the sale was removed. Firstly, the CD drive does not work. On this kind of machine, it’s not easy to repair given the format, even if the mechanics are quite classic. The machine has a sticker indicating that it is a prototype under the Bose subwoofer, but the most visible point is the transparent keyboard and trackpad. It’s a fairly common thing in Apple prototypes, but it’s rather nice here. As a reminder, the keyboard and trackpad can be separated, and Apple provided a cover to replace the trackpad on the wrist rest. You can see the latter in the first photo.

The complete Mac

The sticker indicating it’s a prototype

The transparent keyboard

The guides under the keyboard for the trackpad