Painstakingly Concealed Secret Track, the hidden Commodore 64 program on a CD

On MC Frontalot’s album Zero Day, there’s a hidden track named Painstakingly Concealed Secret Track. It’s on the CD as well as on Apple Music if you want to give it a try. And it contains a program for Commodore 64.

Instead of repeating all the previous articles each time, I’ll refer you to the dedicated page, which explains what I do with vinyl records and lists all the pages containing programs, explanations, etc.


For extraction, the first step is obviously to encode the track. Initially, the level is very low, but two automatic amplifications by Audacity provide something usable. Then, it’s necessary to transform the WAV into a program for Commodore 64. WAV-PRG and Audiotap (for Windows) allow this. I first converted it to TAP (basically a cassette image) and then to P00 (a program). For the latter, you need to use the GUI and choose Turbo Tape 64 as the loader.

Once the program is obtained, I tested it with Denise (an emulator) with limited success, and then with VirtualC64 successfully. The program displays a logo, some text, and then asks for the date to be entered. A handy tip is to ensure the time is set to UTC, taking into account the offset (+2 currently). The code must then be typed on a page of the website whose address is provided (and obscured in the video), allowing you to download a track. So, I’m the 363rd person to have launched the program, which isn’t too bad.

The image

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I must say I was greatly helped by this tutorial and the research from the time on the hidden track.