Lelu/Lu’s had put two ZX Spectrum programs on a vinyl

On the vinyl Africa by Lelu/Lu’s (1986), there’s a track called Blipverts, which contains two programs for the ZX Spectrum.

Instead of repeating all the previous articles each time, I’ll refer you to the dedicated page, which explains what I do with vinyl records and lists all the pages containing programs, explanations, etc.


So, Lelu/Lu’s. The vinyl contains two programs, well separated, and for once, I practically retrieved the data on the first try. Recording via the line input of my sound card, a little filtering on the frequencies (low-pass at 5000 Hz, high-pass at 200 Hz), and a script allowed me to recover the TZX files.

The first program is named a+ and displays images and text (be warned, it flickers a lot) in a loop. It seems partially random, at least regarding the colors. The second, blip, is in the same vein but with different images. I included the music from the vinyl, even though it doesn’t seem synchronized. I included the message placed in front of the code in one of the two videos. Overall, it was quite straightforward.