A Radiohead Remix on ZX Spectrum

The music program of the day is rather unique: it wasn’t released on a vinyl record or even on a CD… but on YouTube. It’s the track Big Ideas: Don’t get any by James Houston. It’s a remix of Radiohead’s Nude, using a ZX Spectrum along with printers, scanners, and hard drives. And the beginning of the track contains the program’s code.

Instead of repeating all the previous articles each time, I’ll refer you to the dedicated page, which explains what I do with vinyl records and lists all the pages containing programs, explanations, etc.


There’s about a minute of code at the start of the video. I started with the version available on Vimeo (which sometimes compresses a bit less than YouTube) and simply extracted the audio into a mono WAV file before using my usual tools. And it worked on the first try: I got a usable file. In my first attempt, the program did nothing, but I realized it actually required a ZX Spectrum 128k and its AY-3-8912 audio chip. Once the emulator was set to this, you can hear the music used in the video, obviously without the printers, hard drives, and scanners.

It’s crucial to select the right ZX Spectrum model

The program doesn’t display anything

For your information, the track Big Ideas: Don’t get any is apparently the working title of Nude. And this remix, although only available on video platforms, is quite well-known: it has over 2 million views (YouTube + Vimeo) and can be seen in the Arte documentary (Le monde selon Radiohead) around the 43rd minute.