The Last Supper: a digital catalog for ZX Spectrum on a cassette

This cassette which contains a program for ZX Spectrum (again) gave me a bit of trouble. Even the name is quickly blocking when searching: The Last Supper is used by quite a few artists. But eventually, I found it.

Instead of repeating all the previous articles each time, I’ll refer you to the dedicated page, which explains what I do with vinyl records and lists all the pages containing programs, explanations, etc.


So, The Last Supper is an English compilation from the early 80s. There are several versions, and (unfortunately) not all of them contain the program. My first purchase taught me this: my blue variant only offers music. I’ll show you both to compare, but the blue one seems cleaner in printing, whereas the black cassette is a bit rougher.

The one on the left contains the program

With the second one, I got a folder containing a little piece of paper that explains how to run the program.

The folder contains some information

And the little piece of paper explains how to launch the program

The program

With cassettes, audio conversion is normally quite simple (I use a simple no-name USB player) and the program is very short, less than 30 seconds of audio. The conversion worked on the first try, which isn’t so common, and so I got the program. But upon launching… nothing. The majority of my programs launch directly with the emulator, but not this one. You simply have to use the instructions and use the RUN command once the program is loaded. A little tip on the ZX Spectrum: the command is linked to the R key, so you just need to type R then Enter to launch it all.

Since the program is short, it only shows a few screens: it’s a kind of virtual catalog of the publisher. By the way, for your information, the cassette is ARR 007 and ARR 10 also contains data (I didn’t find it). There are 4 screens in total, here are the captures.