A Commodore 64 Program on a Record Sleeve

I Adore Commodore is a relatively recent Italian vinyl (2017) dedicated to the Commodore 64, and it contains a program, but not in the traditional way: like on this ZX Spectrum title, it’s in the form of a listing.

Instead of repeating all the previous articles each time, I’ll refer you to the dedicated page, which explains what I do with vinyl records and lists all the pages containing programs, explanations, etc.


The sleeve (the analog side is normal)

So, we have about sixty lines of BASIC on the inner protective sleeve, with not too many explanations. In this case, Solar Fox isn’t a game; it’s a program that plays the game’s music.

Well, I went with macOS text detection, after taking a photo with my iPhone. Surprisingly, it still works reasonably well, even though it confuses 0s and Os. Also, it adds some spaces before colons because it thinks it’s French. However, the proofreading was quite quick anyway. Let’s say that if you have some BASIC knowledge (and with the original text in front of you), the correction is straightforward (less than ten minutes per column).

The code on the inner sleeve

Once the code was corrected, I tested it with this site and made a few overlooked corrections and other typographical errors in the code.

Finally, I compiled it (yes, I know BASIC is interpreted) with C64 Studio to obtain a .prg file that I can easily run with an emulator. The only deviation I made from the code was the character at the beginning: it’s apparently a ♥ in PETSCII, but I couldn’t generate the code by adding it manually without going through the Commodore 64 itself, so I just indicated the name of the track.

In C64 Studio

So, I recorded the result, which is presumably the music from the Solar Fox game. The track of the same name on the vinyl is quite different (and longer).

As for the rest, the record contains music inspired by Commodore 64 games, but chiptune isn’t really my thing.