A prototype of the first iPhone in the form of a motherboard

The Verge recently published an article about an interesting iPhone prototype: a rather imposing development board. It looks quite similar to the board I showcased back in 2015, for the iPhone 3G.

The iPhone 3G

The analysis of The Verge’s board, quite comprehensive, reveals quite a few things: a serial port (present in the 30-pin connector), a component video output (same), an Ethernet port, etc. The board has a screen and a CPU identical to that of the original iPhone, a Samsung ARM11 SoC. There are also quite a few test connectors, inevitably. In any case, it’s an interesting board from a historical perspective, to show how the iPhone – and especially iOS in this case – came into being. And as the board I showcased illustrates, Apple continued on the same path with the iPhone 3G.

The board

The analysis