A smooth Macintosh Classic II prototype

Last week, I was talking about a smooth prototype of the Macintosh SE. This week, there’s also a prototype of the Macintosh Classic II with the same (lack of) texture.

The Macintosh Classic II is on sale for $650. It contains a classic motherboard (do you have it?), but the casing is a prototype. The front face comes from a commercial model (it’s textured), but the  is missing, while the back is smooth, without texture. The Macintosh Classic II inherits the case from the Macintosh Classic, but with a difference: a jack connector for a microphone. On this prototype, the hole for the jack follows the classic shape (a circle set within a half-oval), while the headphone jack simply has a single hole. On commercial Macintosh Classic II models, both jacks have the same shape. Finally, the seller suggests that changing the capacitors is a good idea…

No logo

The back is smooth (not very visible)

The difference between the microphone jack (left) and the output (right) is clear