Lightfire, the ZX Spectrum game in a fully digital EP

After finding the Cabana EP on Apple, I wondered: are there other programs for « ordinosaurs » on Apple Music and the iTunes Store? The answer is yes.

Instead of repeating all the previous articles each time, I’ll refer you to the dedicated page, which explains what I do with vinyl records and lists all the pages containing programs, explanations, etc.


Lightfire, by Programmist (a German artist), is a purely digital EP. It’s available on major platforms (Amazon, Spotify, Apple) and on the editor’s Bandcamp. It doesn’t seem to have been released physically, so like the Cabana EP, I bought it to retrieve the file more easily (purchase without DRM simplifies things compared to listening on Apple Music).

iTunes Cover Art

The advantage over vinyl is that you don’t have to worry about quality issues: with a purely digital recording, you can assume that the conversion for an emulator (or sending it to a real ZX Spectrum) will work. And indeed: even though the track is long (over 4 minutes), I didn’t encounter any errors, and it worked on the first try. The program is a game, usable with different types of inputs (I used a controller emulated via the Kempston interface). I’m sharing the game in a video. I must say I didn’t try for long; I struggle a bit with ZX Spectrum games. Anyway, my character moves with my controller, jumps, but there are things I don’t understand, I suppose there are keys to activate certain functions. The few minutes still give a good overview of the game, even though I probably miss some things. Is it worth the €1 for the track? Probably, if you like old digital things.