A ZX Spectrum program on a Cobra Laser EP… streaming-only

After Lightfire, available on streaming platforms, here comes the album ZX Spectrum, which also contains a program for… ZX Spectrum. Like the first one, it doesn’t seem to have been released physically.

Instead of repeating all the previous articles each time, I’ll refer you to the dedicated page, which explains what I do with vinyl records and lists all the pages containing programs, explanations, etc.


It’s an album by Cobra Laser (from Spain) available on Apple as well as Spotify, Amazon, etc. Like the previous one, I bought the track to have an easily modifiable copy without DRM. I searched for some information about Cobra Laser, but the group’s Facebook page no longer exists and there is very little information. Given the content, it can be assumed that Jai Moreno was part of it.

The cover

I thought the conversion would be simple… and I was wrong. In fact, the recorded file seems to come from a program saved by an emulator, with very square waves, and my usual conversion program simply doesn’t work. The solution is convoluted (I’ll spare you the trials). First, open the converted .wav with the zxsp editor (External Tape Recorder in the options). Second, save it as .tap with the editor and close the program (this is important). Third, open the .tap with Fuse and save the content as .tzx in the Tape menu. And boom, you have a usable and compact .tzx. In practice, emulators can directly open the .wav, but it’s a file of 11.7 MB instead of a .tzx file of 7 KB…

The audio, with square waves

The digital recorder

And what does it do? A basic animation displaying the name of the group. And I had to slow down the emulator to have something to show, since by default it speeds up the loading… and therefore only displays the image.