L’Easter Egg de la version Mac d’Another World (Out of this World)

Dans la version Mac de Out of this World (le nom américain d’Another World), il y a un message caché du développeur de la version Mac, Bill Dugan.

Another World est un jeu français, très innovant pour l’époque et développé à l’origine par Eric Chahi pour l’Amiga. Il a été porté sur de nombreuses plateformes de l’époque et plus récemment sur les appareils iOS (ça se lance sur Mac). Le jeu est une prouesse technique, bien expliquée par Fabien Sanglard dans une série d’articles (la version Mac de l’époque n’est pas traitée).

L’ouverture de la version Mac

Sous macOS en 2023

Pour revenir à l’Easter Egg, le message est directement dans les fichiers du jeu. Le fichier FILE0146 est en effet une image GIF sans extension et sans les métadonnées. Il suffit de l’ouvrir avec un éditeur d’image (éventuellement après avoir ajouté un .gif) pour voir le message.

Le message

Voici le texte (via macOS, qui a un peu de mal avec la police) :

Here are some notes from the co-author of the Mac port of Out of this World

There are many people who need to be thanked in the course of development of any software product.

For Out of this World, thanks go first and foremost to Eric Chahi over in France. You just don’t see games anymore that are created by just one person, and Eric actually finished his. Thanks, Eric, for your dedication.

Thanks to Alan Pavlish for doing the hard part of the code. I just did a lot of interface code, tweaks, etc., and I couldn’t have finished the Mac version if it were all up to me. Thanks, dude.

Thanks also of course to everyone at Interplay (and the new MacPlay division).
Now that we are becoming dedicated to the Macintosh in our game creation, i think we can really shine with our techno-dazzle combined with our creativity and aesthetic perfectionism.

Special thanks to Rob Nesler and Jerry Friedman for their Macish sense of style.
Great icon, Rob; great Help screen, Jerry.

Over at Apple, thanks to Craig Fryar for evangelizing not only games. but Interplay games. Glad to be a part of it.

Also thanks to Apple DTS, the best idea anyone ever had. Brigham Stevens especially answered lots of dumb questions (and some good ones).

Some Mac programs that i like and use are Adobe Photoshop, Stuffit Deluxe 3, Compact Pro, Microsoft Word 5, Microsoft Excel 3 and even SuperClock, SCSIProbe, and DepthCharge. Thanks for making life easier all of you.

Also an eternal High Five to the Internet community. The combination of mail, usenet, and MUDs will amp up all of our creativity and community interest in the things we all enjoy.

— bdugan@qnu.ai.mit.edu

À droite, on a ceci :


Could’ve made many, but chose to make none.

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Misc. notes

• PowerBooks are great.
• So are dogs, CDs, and « Wayne’s World »
• « Wasteland » was a great game
• How did you find out this was a GIF?

Quote of the day

« You just flew off into the sunset on an alien world ! What are you going to do now ? »

Final Note

Goodbye, and see you in our next game !