A monochrome CRT display on a modern Mac

I had mentioned my monochrome display (a 12 inches from the Macintosh LC era) a while ago, but had failed to make it work with a modern Mac. Quite regularly, I tried to figure it out, and I tried various adapters, before – finally – realising where the problem was and making myself the necessary adapter.

Matt Card, a simple way to steal a Mac

Today’s subject is a little delicate, and I hesitated a long time before writing this article. The product I’m going to talk about, the Matt Card, is originally used to help technicians, and I do not really like to explain how to override Apple’s protections. But I have to say the solution is a little too obvious and a little too easy.

The SDK “Power Mac G5” for the Xbox 360

Many years ago (in 2015), I told you about my Xbox 360 development kit, based on a Power Mac G5. And I finally managed to make it work.

Playing a CD+MIDI, the CD that contains hidden MIDI

Talking of weird CDs, the CD+MIDI is a special case: it’s rare, obscure, and complicated to read. And it’s been a while since I’ve been trying to find one, so it’s been a little hard to read. Demonstration.

How I saved my Parrot Flower Power

Several months ago, I explained my concerns with Parrot’s Flower Power. One day, my sensor had decided to stop working, just like that. And I saved him.

A floppy drive for the Bandai Pippin

In the accessories of the Bandai Pippin, the Apple console, the floppy drive remains rather rare. A French reader who had one loaned it to me for a test on this blog. I took the opportunity to clone the card.

The LaserDisc with PALplus

After a long search, I finally collected an interesting device for a test: a PALplus decoder. Coupled with a compatible LaserDisc, this technology significantly improves the picture quality in widescreen.

How to activate the G4 Cube speakers on a modern Mac

My readers (you) are great. A few years ago, I was asking for help with a little project: the reuse of the Power Mac G4 Cube speakers on a recent Mac. Then Jean designed a small program that allows it.

Transforming a Apple II external floppy drive into a Mac version

Looking for information, I found a hack coming from the 80s : turning a UnidDisk 3.5 (for Apple II, incompatible with Macintosh) into a driver for Mac.

The fantasy of the eGPU and The Wolfe on Kickstarter

I have been using external GPU (eGPU) for years – my first installation is more than 4 years old – and I feel I have some expertise on the subject, especially on OS X. And then, I realize that the reality is widely fantasized by some people, and the success of a Kickstarter project for an external GPU (the Wolfe) shows that there actually is a problem.