A video game on tape

Last week I explained that video games on vinyl records existed. But what about games on tape ?
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A video game on a vinyl record

Seeking information for my work, I came across a special thing: a video game on a vinyl record.
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Create a setup USB key for Lion or Mountain Lion

You want to create a USB setup key of an old Mac OS X but the excellent DiskMaker X does not include Lion and Mountain Lion? Here is a small tip.
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Apple Pippin : mouse and keyboard

Funny little tests with Pippin: what happens when you plug a mouse and keyboard?
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Help needed : games for the Pippin

As you may have seen, I have got an Apple Pippin. But I do not own a lot of games, and I am seeking images (ISO) of american games. If you own a game for this console, I shall be interested.

I can either buy you the game (within reasonable limits) or ask you to do me a disk image from a computer, and I can provide a storage space. The purpose is not to spread the games, but only to test the console with programs in english rather than in Japanese.

Thank you in advance.

The DVD subtitles

Subtitles on DVDs. Said like that, it does not seem very entertaining. However, technical solutions are interesting (and not very practical in some cases).
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Cc_logo - copie

Encoding a DVD with Handbrake under OS X El Capitan

I do not often encodes DVDs and so I missed it: my software of choice for this use, HandBrake, does not work well under the OS X El Capitan, because of the SIP.
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The Power Mac G3 B&W AV card

Sometimes, when looking around at random, you come across things that seem very weird. For example, the Power Mac G3 (B&W) was not only equipped with the ATi Rage 128 cards, some models used a simple ATi Rage Pro.
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powermacintoshg3-level1-1 - copie

Retrieving the original Max OS X of a Mac

Sometimes when you own a Mac, it happens that you want to reinstall the original operating system. And when the machine was delivered under Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks or Yosemite, it is not obvious to retrieve the installation files. But there is a solution.
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The Apple Pippin, the unknown console

For Christmas 2015, I got a treat: a complete Pippin, within its box. A what ? A Pippin, an Apple console released in 1995.
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