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Connecting to the net at 300 bauds with an acoustic modem

Few days ago, I saw the movie Wargames. And a little later , I saw a presentation introducing a guy who logged on with an acoustic modem dated from the ‘60s. If I did not find a modem that old, I still finally found an acoustic model that dates from the early ’80s.

VLC and Blu-ray on Mac : the results (and Java menus)

I have been testing the reading of Blu-ray on Mac via VLC since 2 years now. In February 2012, I could read a test Blu-ray, unprotected, with a beta version of VLC 2.0. Today, in March 2014, a significant part of my Blu-ray works, some with the menus, and the work done is really important. I take this opportunity to make a small report.

Connect a Palm V to the Internet with a Mac

A few months ago, I found a fun page on the site Hack A Day : a contest offering to try to go visit a simple page with an old device. An old device is an item that was released before the advent of the Internet for the public, so basically that came out in the 90s or earlier. A 1998 iMac that has a modem and an Ethernet connector is way too easy. So I found another old Palm to try… and I succeeded.

Ultra, 1440p HiDPI and Mac OS X : it works

Few days ago I saw in the AnandTech test that the 2 560 x 1 440 mode was not possible in HiDPI with a 4K screen. Nevertheless, with the help of the developer from SwitchResX, an excellent utility , I succeeded.

Changing the startup sound on a Power Mac

Changing the startup sound on a Power Mac. When I asked if it was possible, I was told that was impossible . When I searched on the Internet, I found messages indicating that it was impossible. But obviously, Doug Brown has not read the Internet or asked anyone : he just did it. I contacted him, he helped me a little, and I did it, too.

The NoIR RaspCamera

Today, let’s have an Inglorious Hack . Indeed , I recently bought the NoIR camera for Raspberry Pi, a sensor able to see infrared. The issue : how to take nice pictures with the Raspberry Pi plugged into my office? This is where the NoIR RaspCamera project begins …

How to create a fake fingerprint, iPhone 5S Touch ID compatible

Since the release of the iPhone 5s, I wanted to test something: try to bypass the fingerprint reader Touch ID of the device. German hackers have done it before me (and better), but I still wanted to try.

A Thunderbolt GPU on a Mac : How-to

Today, a tutorial: how to use a Thunderbolt graphic card on Mac. This is the holy grail for some: it is possible to use a Thunderbolt graphic card on a Mac. This is not easy and there are a few issues, but it works pretty well.

This post is very old. It’s impossible to use Thunderbolt eGPU with Apple Silicon Mac and you can use a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure with many Mac Intel from 2016 to 2020.

Don’t trust geolocation !

Have you ever used the location on your computer? I bet you have : Mac OS X have been integrating Core Location since Snow Leopard and OS X Mavericks will integrate Maps. On Google Maps, a small button can be used to get located directly on a map, and it usually works pretty well. But de you have an idea of ​​how it works and do you know it’s pretty easy to completely distort this location?

Brute force attack against restrictions code is possible on iOS

Working on a hack for the blog, I found a security flaw on iOS that allows you to brute force attack the code used for restrictions, despite Apple’s protections. Let me explain.
Note : iOS 7 correct the flaw.