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How to activate the G4 Cube speakers on a modern Mac

CubeMy readers (you) are great. A few years ago, I was asking for help with a little project: the reuse of the Power Mac G4 Cube speakers on a recent Mac. Then Jean designed a small program that allows it.

Force a display to RGB under Mac OS X

You may have already noticed that (Mac) OS X tends to recognize external screens as TVs, especially when they are plugged in HDMI. This is not a real problem, but the image is damaged on some screens, cause they are using YCbCr instead of RGB, more effective. Fortunately, there is a solution.
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Flashing a MacBook Pro EFI manually

You may remember that I own a prototype 2011 MacBook Pro in my collection. The machine uses a beta version of a ROM and I thought this ROM would prevent from starting a recent OS (beyond Snow Leopard). So I looked for a way to flash the ROM with a newer version.
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This Power Mac G5 is (almost) a Xbox 360

I talked about it several times, the first development kit for the Xbox 360 was a Power Mac G5, and Microsoft has even used some during a E3, hidden from the view of the players. And I managed to find one of these Power Mac G5 (thank you Olivier).
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A NVIDIA Maxwell card with Thunderbolt on a Mac running Yosemite

If you read the reviews, you saw that it is possible to use the latest generation of NVIDIA cards with a Mac running under Yosemite. The operation is pretty close to what I presented, but Yosemite and the latest NVIDIA cards require some adjustments.
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Atari, Spectre GCR and Macintosh

Did you know that not-so-long ago, it was possible to turn an Atari ST into a Macintosh? With the help of a fellow fan of Atari (Brume on the Atari-Forum), we restarted a Spectre GCR.
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How I connected the PowerBop to the Internet

If you follow me on Twitter, you saw that I (finally) got a PowerBop and even connected it to the Internet. What is a Powerbop ? A computer proposed by Apple and France Telecom in the 90’s : I talked about it here, it was a device that could connect to the France Telecom BiBop network.
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[Prototype] 13 inches 2011 MacBook Pro

Today, a rarity : a 13 inches 2011 MacBook Pro prototype. This is a model with a red motherboard (typical of a prototype), very close to the trade model, but with some differences .
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Connecting to the net at 300 bauds with an acoustic modem

Few days ago, I saw the movie Wargames. And a little later , I saw a presentation introducing a guy who logged on with an acoustic modem dated from the ‘60s. If I did not find a modem that old, I still finally found an acoustic model that dates from the early ’80s.
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VLC and Blu-ray on Mac : the results (and Java menus)

I have been testing the reading of Blu-ray on Mac via VLC since 2 years now. In February 2012, I could read a test Blu-ray, unprotected, with a beta version of VLC 2.0. Today, in March 2014, a significant part of my Blu-ray works, some with the menus, and the work done is really important. I take this opportunity to make a small report.
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