Installing USB 3.0 on a Mac Pro or a Mac Book Pro

It is possible to install a 3.0 USB card on a Mac Pro or MacBook Pro, and to make it directly recognized by Mac OS X.

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Create a Fusion Drive with command line

Good news, OS X 10.8.2 tolerates Fusion Drive and it is possible to create manually a Fusion Drive.

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Thunderbolt and Mini DisplayPort : differences and compatibility

As this issue os often misunderstood, I will expose the difference ( and also similarities ) between Thunderbolt and Mini DisplayPort.

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An external GPU under Mac OS X : three screens on a MacBook Pro

An external graphic card on a Mac? Some dream of. Others do. An American company has indeed boxes that can contain an ExpressCard card or any PCI-Express card.

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The first (and only ?) MacBook with a dedicated GPU

My black and white MacBook, with a pink apple on the back, suffered again : I implanted him a dedicated graphic card. So I own (to my knowledge) the first and only MacBook (2006 in my case) with a dedicated GPU, a Radeon HD 2600 XT.

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Acknowledgments under Mac OS X (for Outlook fans)

For Windows and Outlook fans, it is possible to activate the acknowledgments with Mail on Mac OS X. I tell you first : this is a hack. Mail does not support acknowledgments by default and responses may not reach. And unlike Outlook (randomly), it is not really possible to configure the acknowledgments : in other words, either all messages have the demand, or none.

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Problem with iMessage ? There is a solution

iMessage, the Apple “BBM” sometimes encounters a few small problems. Indeed, it happens that the number associated to iMessage, even when the SIM card is changed, remains in memory. For example, you have a new iPhone but your SIM card (more exactly its number) is still linked to the previous iPhone : the new owner may receive your iMessage.

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Getting a new SSD on MacBook Air

Recurring issue : is it possible to change the SSD of a MacBook Air, or put one when you own a model with a hard drive? Overall, the answer is yes , if you have a good budget.

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The iPhone 3G : outdated ?

I would not allow myself to think that Apple uses planned obsolescence , although I recently titled a big troll on the subject, but the fact is that iOS 6.0 make the iPhone 3G – released in 2008 – outdated , and in the worst way in my opinion. And everyone does not want to buy an iPhone 5S.
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A joystick on Mac : the PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS

You own one of the few Mac games but you do not have a joystick ? Good news , a single Playstation 3 SIXAXIS works perfectly on a Mac, without any third party software.

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